Engine Studio is Doug and Holli Connell.


While our roots are in the Rockford, Illinois region, our future began in 2006 when we traveled to London and made a decision to share our lives together.

Whenever we’re about to embark on a new path, process, or adventure, London is the place we go back to in our minds.  That feeling of looking across the city from the top of the London Eye was life-changing.  If we get that same feeling at the prospect of a new adventure, we jump in with both feet.  

Years later, Engine Studio is the prime example of us going ‘all in’.  We pair our technology and expertise together to create authentic, innovative products for our clients.  

Doug Connell • Founder and Creative Director

Engine specializes in creative technology and communication. We share our perspective and expertise to grow your idea into an exciting story. As part of the Engine Studio team I describe myself as a Creative Technologist and I am always learning more and educating myself. 


Audio is my first love, and it led me into the video and interactive world. I grew up in an analog world and quickly embraced newfound digital tools and a non-linear way of working. I am a willing participant in the process of change through research, innovative ideas, formats and mechanics and my goal is to deliver understanding and knowledge.

My experience in the use of these digital tools combined with the expertise of the Engine Studio team ensures a compelling product that is worth sharing. 

Holli Connell • Co-Owner and Communications Strategist