Engine Studio is made up of energetic, experienced and open-minded professionals ready to do what it takes to get the job done. Find out what we’re all about.


Our Start
After operating as a freelancer for more than ten years, Doug now the owner of Engine Studio, started the business with partner Kevin Cronin in 1992. Developing one of the first processes to bring classic comic books into the digital world Engine formed to address this new found market. We have since grown into a full service boutique focusing on Museum interactives, Industrials and full scale use of Integrated media.


Our Community
We’re proud to call Rockford home. Winner of the Lawrence E. Gloyd Community Impact award in 2011, Engine Studio has teamed with other community leaders on a variety of projects–from the Library of Congress Veterans History Project to documenting the history of the Rockford Peaches–that impact local folks in a quest to help move our city forward in positive ways.


Our Logo
This photo is a picture of Doug’s Father with a V-1 unmanned flying bomb. It was designed by the Fieseler company and designated the FZG-76. The Germans called it “Vergeltungswaffe” or “retaliation weapon.” Doug is so knowledgeable about the V-1, he consulted on a restoration of a V-1 from the Smithsonian Institution currently on display at the Airzoo in Michigan.

Our Engineers


Doug Connell, founder

Working for more than twenty years in the digital media business, Doug has been an ardent supporter of Rockford, the Arts and the museum world all while living here in Rockford. With a passion for Vespa scooters and an unstoppable appetite for WWII history, Doug has found a way to blend his interest with his work. Currently, Engine is building a WWII V-1 traveling exhibit and Doug’s experience has led him on world wide research.


Bill Houtkamp, Digital Engineer

Bill is a master at sound optimization and has a special talent of understanding programming when it comes to museum interactives. Bill is responsible for creating some of the most engaging exhibit components and he is always looking for a challenge.




Michael Smith, Digital Strategist

Michael is committed to helping clients discover, develop, and deploy a digital strategy that is influenced by your brand and intriguing to your audience. Since 2011, the Engine team has given him a passion for generating ideas and applying new media to make a difference in our community and around the world. Michael’s “offline” activities are many, and include riding vintage Vespas, volunteering in his neighborhood assocation, and teaching youth at his church.